An intensive two-day training workshop for Lifeline employees is being conducted for better sales performance through mind power techniques at Ernakulam on November 28 and 29. The classes are led by Dr P.P. Vijayan, Lifeline guru and mentor.

Sales is an area in which mind power techniques are significant to chalk out and implement new success areas. This session will equip people with abilities to take on new challenges by using their mind power as well as they will be trained in new techniques of sales and personality development:

Basics of Billionaire Mindset (BMS), Lifeline’s flagship programme for wealth creation

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) technique to identify customer psychology and conduct successful sales.

The newest and advanced hypnotic selling method

100 techniques to double and triple sales.

Techniques to make telemarketing simple and effective.

Office behaviour and fruitful interactions with colleagues

Rapport with employees and management.

Meet the Master Trainer

  MA, M.Sc, MBA, LLM, PhD

Dr. P.P. Vijayan is an internationally acclaimed Mind Trainer, Psychologist, Author, Success Coach and Business Strategist. Dr. Vijayan has four Master Degrees in Psychology (M.Sc.), Political Science and International Relations (MA), Law (LLM) and Business Management (MBA) and has Ph.D. from the University of Kerala. A post-doctoral research fellow and a visiting faculty in many premier universities in India and abroad, he is a trained professional in IT management from the Govt. of Japan. As a master trainer for many famous corporates around the world, he has travelled in more than 60 countries in connection with training activities.

His training sessions mainly focus on the entrepreneurs, public servants, professionals, academicians,CEOs, police personnel, judges, lawyers, medical professionals, social workers, students and corporate decision makers to accelerate achievement of their personal and professional goals.

His published thesis is an acceptable reference in libraries across the globe and his 36 books on topics like Mind Power, Personal Excellence and Transformation, Entrepreneurship, Parenting etc are the best sellers. For more than two decades, Dr. Vijayan is instrumental in spreading Mind Power across the globe.

What makes it special

Improves professional performance, get trained in identifying and utilizing talents

Build up efficiency through smart work

Make big leaps in sales

Personality development through mind power

Helps improve wealth, health and relationships

Relieves stress and improves professional atmosphere


Thousands already attended ...

Yes. Lifeline is the Ultimate Hub of Excellence

I have attended Dr Vijayan’s Mind Mastery, Billionaire Mindset, and Design your Life programmes. I would say todays Sales Mastery Programme was excellent. Thank you,Dr. Vijayan

Sahajan K. P

Insurance Advisor

I have attended Dr Vijayan’s Mind Mastery, Communication Mastery, Success Coach, and NLP Sales Mastery. But his Design Your Life, Create Your Destiny Programme was excellent... Mind blowing... Really, I can design my life and create my destiny with Dr Vijayan’s programme.

Bobby Sebastian

Sales Trainer, Kochi

I had attended Dr Vijayan’s training programme two months back. This training programme has brought about incredible changes in my life. The full realisation of the effectiveness of the programme occurred to me when I experienced my power to impart to other people the lessons from this training with same benefits and in the same spirit

R.A. Salim

Salim Associates, Guruvayoor

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